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When working in the forensic psychology profession, it is likely that you will decide to work in conjunction with other experts. For this project, you were assigned by your Instructor to a group of three to form a forensic psychology consulting group. You received your group assignment in Week 3. Groups were assigned based on information obtained in your Week 2 Discussion and Assignment.

The first step in the formation of your consulting group is the Group Charter. Schedule a time to meet with all of the members of the group. In the Group Charter, determine each member’s roles and responsibilities. The roles in your consulting group should not be the classic leader, speaker, recorder, etc. As a professional group of experts, each member should hold an equal stake in the finished product and, therefore, should perform comparable roles. This is consistent with the expectation within the field, as the reputation and integrity of your consulting group is dependent on the work products of all members. Assign responsibilities within your group accordingly. You will submit the Group Charter with Part I by Day 7 of Week 7.

Part I: Forming a Professional Consulting Group

When forming a professional consulting group, many things need to be considered. With your group members, you will make decisions about how your group will be formed and run by completing an abbreviated business plan. Some questions to consider in your plan include:

  • What types of forensic work will your consulting group accept? Will any type of case be declined? (Recall this is a non-licensure program, so if you are hired to provide diagnoses, that is beyond your professional scope. This needs to be clarified to your potential customers.)
  • What type of services will be offered (Risk/Threat Analysis, Risk/Threat Management, Management Consultation, Training, Prevention Programs, etc.)?
  • What types of fees will your consulting group charge, and how will those fees be assessed (e.g., hourly, deliverables, etc.)?
  • How will data and information be delivered?
  • How will you market your services (websites, networking, etc.)?
  • How will the group prep for cases (e.g., literature reviews, timelines, record reviews, and interviews)?
  • What type of corporate licensure will your group attain (i.e., LLC, C-corporations)?
  • What insurance policies will be acquired (e.g., malpractice)?


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