HIST 4733 What Was Stalinism?

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PROMPT:What was Stalinism. During the 1930s, Stalin’s “Revolution from Above” transformed Soviet society at great cost. Lydia Chukovskaya, Sofia Petrovna, and John Scott, Behind the Urals,provide differing takes on what life was like during this decade.What do these sources reveal about Stalinism during 1930s? What was Stalin attempting to accomplish and how did his policies impact society? Were ordinary Soviet citizens beneficiaries or victims of Stalinism? Or both? In addition to the above sources, be sure to refer also to Peter Kenez’s textbook for historical and interpretive context.

***Must Use the 3 sources along with any others that are found***

*Sofia Petrovna By: Lydia Chukovskaya

*Behind the Urals By: John Scott

* A History of the Soviet Union By; Peter Kenez


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