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2.You should write a six-page review essay.
Write six-page review essays addressing readings of a given week. Feel free to substitute a book from the recommended readings in place of the articles/chapters assigned in the given week. These reviews should analyze the readings in question, highlight commonalities and differences between them, and reflect on their significance in relation to each other. These papers can be turned in after we discuss the book that provides the heart of the reading focused on in the paper, but before the next class meeting.
3.Reading material:
Emergence of the Internet Economy

Shane Greenstein, How the Internet Became Commercial: Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015)*

Shoshana Zuboff, “Big Other: Surveillance Capitalism and the Prospects of an Information Civilization,”Journal of Information Technology, Vol.30, no. 1 (2015): 75-89.
4.Format:Normal margins, double-spaced, 12 font


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