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Which segment of the hospitality industry do you see yourself  working in in ten years?



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 I am working on becoming a team leader in housekeeping for a hotel.  I like the idea of cleaning up before people check in.  The team leader position is to help run housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance.  I like this job because of the variety and I will always be on the go.  I know housekeeping and laundry do not sound like the best career but I like to clean.  Providing this service fulfills my needs.      




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 I work for Dollar/ Thrifty rental car the customers can be hard to deal and sometime unbearable, I’ve worked in the hotel industry for 5 years prior to that and I find the guest to be a bit more understanding  understanding that the customers that I deal with in the rental car industry. 
When I worked in the Marriott Hotel I had an encounter with a guess that need to reserve a room, she just came into the hotel and had no reservation, when she came into the hotel we were booked because of a convention. The young lady had just came into town on a leasure vacation with her husband and while they were traveling they were in an accident and she wanted to stay at our hotel because it was the closest to where her husband had been admitted. In the beginning she was speaking to another front dest agent and the agent kept telling her we had no rooms available, the guest was very upset and she had explained why she needed to stay at our hotel, to make a very long story short, I tool over helping the guest and spoke to one of the people over the convention and they agreed to ask if two of the young ladies attending the convention would share a room and that way the guest would be able to stay at the hotel and be closer to her husband.




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 I knew a little bit about the hospitality industry before starting this class (I worked at a retirement home where they had a hospitality director).  But I never really knew what happens behind closed doors.  The work that goes into the “service for people” it is praiseworthy (all the people involved in helping other people).  Hospitality is at small levels like an art show in a park and large levels like a theme park.  



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I have always been customer focused but with being in this class I feel that I am more able to communicate with customers, I know that working in the hospitality industry is where I want to be, I can’t wait to receive my degree because I know that I will someday very soon be running my own business or five star hotel. I see that my career will be a very fruitful one because of the passion that I have.



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There is so much more to the hospitality industry than I ever considered. Perhaps the biggest things that I have learned is 1. That every section of the industry is closely related to the next. 2. The main focus of the hospitality industry is to give excellent customer service. 3. I don’t think I realized the diversity of jobs that fall under the Hospitality umbrella. 


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