Hue Company Uses Perpetual Inventory System And Allows Customers Use Two Credit Cards Chargi

Hue Company uses the perpetual inventory system and allows customers to use two credit cards in charging purchases. With the Omni Bank Card, Hue receives an immediate credit to its account when it deposits sales receipts. Omni assesses a 4% service charge for credit card sales. The second credit card that Hue accepts is the Continental Card. Hue sends its accumulated receipts to Continental on a weekly basis and is paid by Continental about a week later. Continental assesses a 2.5% charge on sales for using its card. Required: Prepare journal entries to record the following selected credit card transactions of Hue Company. (Round your answers to the nearest dollar amount. Omit the “$” sign in your response.) Apr. 8 Sold merchandise for $8,300 (that had cost $6,134) and accepted the customer’s Omni Bank Card. The Omni receipts are immediately deposited in Hue’s bank account. 12 Sold merchandise for $7,600 (that had cost $4,925) and accepted the customer’s Continental Card. Transferred $7,600 of credit card receipts to Continental, requesting payment. 20 Received Continental’s check for the April 12 billing, less the service charge.


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