I Have Do 10 Column Worksheet Also Income Statement And Balance Sheet Information Given

I have to do a 10 column worksheet also a Income statement and a balance sheet for the information given in EXcel: Accounts Payable Control 70600 Accounts recievable control 72640 Accum. Depreci. – delivery vehicle 3634 Advertising 3000 Audit Fees 2000 bad debts 400 Buildings 20000 Capital G Mc Shannon 101180 v Cash at bank 3352 Commision expense- Sales 8000 Copyright 3200 Cost of good sold 88498 Delivery vehicle 17800 Delivery vehicle expenses 2400 Government Bonds 4000 Interest on Mortgage 3200 Interest revenue 2108 Inventories control 71000 Land 10000 Loan to A Atherton (due 31/3/13) 8000 Loss by fire 5808 Office expenses 1660 Office salaries 67000 Petty cash advance 100 Postage expenses 498 Provision for DD 900 rates 7800 Sales- cash 130000 sales credit 161400 sales return (credit sales) 1486 Sales salaries 46800 Stationery 980 Drawings – G Mc shannon 3400 Equipment 16000 GST clearing (dr) 800 ……….Addional……. Stationery on hand as at 30/6/12 is $50 After a stocktake inventories as shown to be 70500 Depreceation to be writen off Delviery vehicle 20% reducing bal Equpment 15% straight line (5000 residual) Amorsitation of copyright over 10years Expenses outstanding: office expenses 200 Outstanding commision- sales to sales staff equual to 2% of June cash sales of 15000 Advertising – 5% of total advertising expense has not been used Interest revenue received in advance 200 Revenues outstadning : interest on loan to A Atherton at 4% pa (interest received anually on 31/3 Rates are to be devided between office and showroom in the ratio 1:1 respectively Provison FOR DD to be 1000


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