Improve Efficiency Its Current Infrastructure Blue Sky Systems Decided Upgrade Their Current

To improve efficiency in its current infrastructure, Blue Sky Systems decided to upgrade their current infrastructure of Microsoft 2003 Servers to Windows Server 2008 R2. The move is designed to improve over all server performance, security, application and data provisioning, monitoring, and business continuity. Current Infrastructure: Blue Sky has a main site located in Tucson Arizona with one remote site located Phoenix, Arizona. The two are connected via a VPN connection between two routers. The two sites are configured as follows. The Blue Sky domain (called bluesky.local has two domain controllers). All servers run Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. All client computers run Windows XP, and Windows 7. Rosa Ruiz, director of technology at Blue Sky has asked you to design a networking infrastructure for the company. The requirements are: 1)Allocate IP addresses appropriately. Use the following table as your guide. SUBNET Tucson PhoenixServer Name BlueskyDNS1 BlueskyDNS2 BlueskyData BlueskyPhoenixServer IP IP IP IP 2)All clients should obtain IP addresses automatically. 3)All workstations and servers need name resolution capabilities for the intranet and the Internet. 4)BlueskyDNS1 holds the primary DNS zone for the bluesky.local network and is used for name resolution internally and externally. 5)BlueskyDNS1 is the forest root and the DHCP server for the Tucson location. 6)BlueskyDNS2 is a DC for the network and the secondary DNS server for bluesky.local. 7)BlueskyPhoenix is the DC, file server, print server, DNS and DHCP server for the Phoenix location. 8)Both sites are connected via a VPN connection between the routers. The VPN is used for replication traffic between the sites. Requirements 1.Plan for Windows Server deployment to meet the Bluesky business goals 2.Manage and secure Windows infrastructure to satisfy Bluesky business requirements 3.Implement IT business continuity by monitoring and maintaining the Bluesky Windows 2008 Server environment 4.Plan for application and data provisioning to achieve high availability Windows Server Deployment Proposal Prepare a proposal to deploy Windows Server onto an existing network based on the provided scenario. The proposal will include deployment, security policy, application and data provisioning, monitoring, and continuity plans. It should be at least 1,000 words. Diagrams, answer files, log files, and other attachments will not count toward the word count. Your proposal may be based on one of two possible designs: 1.A parallel network installation deploying new hardware and/or virtualization is used to replace the existing infrastructure. The existing network is left in place until a time that the network is no longer needed. 2.All proposals should have the following services and server roles present. a.DNS b.DHCP c.WSUS d.AD e.Security policy f.Auditing g.Backup and recovery h.Continuity planning 3.Your proposal should begin with an executive summary of the proposed Server 2008 deployment. For BlueSky Systems. 4.Your responsibilities for the server deployment begins at the clients demark. No changes to the router or VPN connections are needed.


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