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  • Choose one sculpture and one piece of architecture that you particularly like or fascinate you.
  • Research the pieces on Smarthistory or an online art encyclopedia.
  • Write a summary of your research for each piece (one paragraph each–6-8 sentences). Do not copy and paste the information; write it in your own words.
  • Give a short explanation as to why you like the pieces: what particularly fascinates you? Why do you think it is an important piece? (approximately one paragraph each–6-8 sentences).
  • Please include a heading (your name, my name, HUM 101-001, and the date you submit); the heading should be single spaced and does not count towards the word count.
  • Please use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Please use MLA correctly. To Cite the from either Smarthistory or an on-line encyclopedia, use an abbreviated title of the piece and the source you got it from: (The Parthenon, Smarthistory).


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