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1 Vygotsky proposed that development occurs as a series of stages that differ in how the world is understood true false 2 Which theorist advanced the notion of assimilation and accommodation as a way of understanding children’s development J. Piaget S. Freud L. Vygotsky E. Erikson 3 Which theorist emphasizes the importance of language in children’s thinking and social interactions L. Vygotsky All of the above E. Erikson S. Freud 4 Which of the following are associated with preoperational development, according to Piaget? Emergence of symbolic thought Lack of conservation all of the above Egocentrism 5 ________ represents the understanding that objects exist independent of one’s actions Conservation Synaptic pruning Object permanence Schemes 6 Schematic development is what a child can do by interacting with another person, but can’t do alone false true 7 _______ is when nerve cells are covered and insulated to increase information traveling through the nervous system none of the above lateralization synapses mylineation 8 During the representaitonal forms stage, children first begin to discover basic forms in their process of scribbling false true 9 Which of the following statements are true about early childhood physical development all of the above Girls continue to be slightly shorter and lighter than boys Growth is much faster than the preceding years Children’s balance begins to shorten from previous years 10 Assimilation is a process developed by Vygotsy and used to explain what happens when children process information True False


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