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Part of the responsibility of any organization is to effectively address ethical dilemmas. Often during these investigations, it is discovered that other outside organizations must be consulted or brought into the investigation because their own investigation may fall into the jurisdiction of other organizations. This can be both a positive situation, as additional resources can be used that would not normally be available to a local organization, or negative if too many hands in the investigation cause major confusion to arise regarding who is responsible for what part of the investigation. Not all organizations may have the same focus or goals in the investigation. Please respond to the following: 

  • Prepare a 5-7 page essay on the major ethical dilemmas facing your local department. How would you resolve these ethical dilemmas? Be sure to highlight the major factors that you considered in reaching your solution.
  • What are some of the ethical challenges that might occur within an organization, and how can these best be managed or minimized?
  • Through online research, give an example of a case with a successful or unsuccessful investigation that involved several organizations. Why was this case successful or unsuccessful?


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