Management Project

Assessment Task

5,000- word research project (covers all learning outcomes). Not anonymously marked, tutor referral does not apply, final piece of assessment. 100% of the assessment for the module.
5,000 字的研究项目(涵盖所有学习成果)。 不匿名标记,导师推荐不适用,最终评估。 100% 的模块评估。

Word length: Maximum 5,000
Task specific guidance:
This is an individual piece of research. The topic and how you approach your research is your decision, but you will be allocated an individual supervisor who will be available to guide and support you. Most of the expected hours are self-directed.
这是一项单独的研究。 主题以及您如何进行研究是您的决定,但您将被分配一名个人主管,他将可以指导和支持您。 大多数预期的时间都是自我指导的。


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4.6 (24k+)

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