(a) Consider the recent article “Are big brands really doomed?” (WARC
2018). Then critically discuss how big brands can respond to the threat
from smaller insurgent brands.
(20 marks)

(b) Firstly identify and then discuss all the elements of the brand
architecture model. Use examples of existing brands to illustrate your
(30 marks)
(Total: 50 marks)

2. Critically discuss how BREXIT is impacting on the macro environmental
forces and the effect this will have on the retail and manufacturing sectors
in the UK. Illustrate your answer with relevant examples.
(50 marks)

3. It is often said that organisations don’t plan to fail, but fail to plan.
As the new marketing manager of Loughborough University, you have
been asked to talk to a group of marketing students about the widely used
strategic planning model SOSTAC.
Describe in some detail all the elements of the plan and the benefits of
developing such a plan.
(50 marks)
4. (a) Discuss how the marketing mix might be adapted by marketing
managers for all the stages of a product’s life cycle. Illustrate your answer
with specific examples.

(30 marks)
(b) Evaluate the usefulness of the product life cycle (PLC) concept as a
Marketing planning tool.

(20 marks)
(Total:50 marks)
5. Creative ideas are what advertising is built upon. We worship them, we
seek them, fight over them, applaud them and value them above
everything else.’

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Sir John Hegarty (2011) Creative Director of Advertising Agency, BBH.
In the context of this statement, answer both parts of this question.

(a) Critically discuss the use of emotional and rational message appeals in

advertising. Use examples to illustrate your points.

(30 marks)

(b) Select a business of your choice and discuss the media mix the
business might use. Make recommendations for the most appropriate
media for the business, and justify your selection.

(20 marks)
(Total:50 marks)


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