Match Vocabulary 1wolf E Unharmed 2 Aura O B Use Loud And Violent Speech 3 Unscathedx C Cool

Match the Vocabulary 1.wolf- ___E__a. unharmed 2. aura __O_b. to use loud and violent speech 3. unscathed___X____c. cool in manner 4. contort____P____d. to treat with great care 5. bicker___B____e. covered with fast drying varnish 6. subtle____R___f. to think, ponder 7. distant___N____g. deceitfully cunning 8. excursion___G_____ h. to squabble, argue 9. saunter____Q____ i. to mix together 10. feign____K____j. to pretend 11. relish_____C____k. to search thoroughly 12. furtively____W___l. light-hearted 13. rant______H___m. not aware or unmindful 14. oblivious____S___n. not made from natural material 15. pamper___D____o. to enjoy 16. ransack____T____p. to distort, twist out of usual shape 17. mingle____F____q. secretly, sneakily 18. muse____M___r. to devour quickly 19. giddy____A___s. stroll 20. lacquered__J_____t. surrounding atmosphere 21. grimace____V___u. swarm, multitude 22 harangue___I_____v. short trip made for pleasure 23. horde______U__w. to deliver a long, noisy speech 24. synthetic____L___x. to distort the face in pain


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