Module 4- Principles of Strategy : Help me with a 4-5 page paper

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For this module, you will draw on the background readings to prepare a strategic analysis of the U.S. cable service provider industry using Porter’s 5 forces model. Examples of competitors are Charter Communications, Comcast Corporation, and Verizon Communications, etc.

Choose one company and recommend a strategic direction for the company over the next five years (half to one full page). Your analysis and recommendation should consist of a 3- to 4-page paper (not counting the title page and references). You may attach charts or tables you consider important as appendices to your paper. (Like the cover and reference pages, appendices do not count in the final number of pages submitted in the assignment.)

To do this analysis, rely on the industry analysis discussion and samples presented in your background readings, including:

Kunc, M. (2019). Chapter 4 – Industry Dynamics. In Strategic Analytics: Integrating Management Science to Strategy. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Case Assignment

Submit the worksheet as an appendix to your 4-5 page paper (not counting title page and references) analyzing the U.S. wireless telecommunication provider industry.

Keys to the Assignment:

  1. Thoroughly review the materials on Industry Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Model in the background reading.
  2. Conduct additional research on the U.S. cable provider industry by using IBISWorld.
  3. Use at least 3 library resources in your research.
  4. Explain your analysis using terminology and concepts introduced in this module. (All terminology should have a definition from a peer-reviewed academic journal reference.)
  5. Cite all sources and provide a reference list using APA format.
  6. Proofread and edit the paper. The goal is zero errors.


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