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This Quiz is “multiple answer”, meaning that there may be one, two, three, four, or five answers that are correct. In order to get the question correct, you must mark all correct answers.

question 1

“Children’s History Book”

a. Casts Benito Juarez in a positive light, but Porfirio Díaz in a negative light

b. Views Santa Anna as a national hero who brought freedom and prosperity to Mexico

c. Views Gen. Mariano Arista as a villain who deceived the public and lacked morals

d. Appears to be a text that Conservatives would have embraced

e. None of these answers

question 2

In “Gringo de mayo”, Gustavo Arellano argues that

a. Cinco de mayo serves the nationalist project of promoting pride in Mexico and Mexican culture

b. Is a commemoration of one of the Mexican Army’s greatest achievements and a symbol of successful resistance to European imperial power

c. Octavio Paz was incorrect when we asserted that because Mexicans cannot or dare not confront themselves, they resort to the fiesta

d. None of these answers

question 3

In “President Díaz, Hero of the Americas”, James Creelman and/or Porfirio Díaz make the arguments that

a. Díaz has converted Mexico’s warring, ignorant, superstitious, and impoverished masses—who have been oppressed by centuries of Spanish cruelty and greed—into a strong, steady, peaceful, debt-paying, and progressive nation

b. Mexico is almost ready for democracy, and Díaz soon will relinquish his hold on power so that the people may choose another leader

c. Indigenous populations have been integrated into society and engage in Mexican politics

d. The Mexican people are a mix of the blood of the “primitive” Mixtec people with the blood of invading Spaniards

e. Díaz believes that democracy is the one true, just principle of government

f. None of these answers

question 4

In “Porfirio Díaz Visits Yucatán”, Arnold and Frost assert

a. That Spanish “half-breeds” have broken the “noble” Maya race through oppression and essentially enslaved them

b. That the Maya continue to fiercely resist their oppression by the Yucatán elites of their own accord

c. That the Yucatán elites have established a relationship based on reciprocity with indigenous Maya and the labor arrangement between these groups is mutually beneficial

d. That Díaz has gone to great lengths to protect indigenous populations from exploitation by the Yucatán elite

question 5

In “The Sly Mockeries of Military Men”, Stephen Neufeld asserts

a. That musical lyrics and poetry provide insight into the formation of mexicanidad

b. That the Mexican military, from top to bottom, was unified in an effort to promote positivist modernizing and secular order

c. That rank and file soldiers often sang corridos that incorporated rough masculinity, anti-foreign sentiments, and racial identity

d. That “De los mártires de Veracruz” and “El brindis” represent the idea that total obedience to the nation trumped internal political divisions or concerns


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