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I need this done soon as possible. I can do this in about an hour only I couldnt do it with the negative # so please make it quick. Say 4 hours? so i dont worry?

Please you must know what to do here before accepting to do this problem. Im just having problem with doing the histogram with these negative numbers in tow.

It would be good if you use Excel 2010. If you dont have excel 2010 or QIMacro can you do the graphs anyway but tell me how you did it and send your workings as well  so I can replicate it using excel 2010 or QIMacro.

The aim of this research is to see whether there is any association between the perceived importance of owning a computer and the perceived importance of global warming among young New Zealanders. It will find out how boys view owning a computer and global warming and how girls view owning a computer and the issue of global warming.


a)Split the score for owning a computer into 2 columns – boys and girls.

b)Graph separately on histograms. Then compare the scores using:

1.       side by side boxplots

2.      descriptive stats

3.      outliers

4.      normal quantile plots (as in section E of assignment 2)

Complete the comparison with a:

*     two sample t-test

*    confidence interval for the difference between the two means.

if you can provide description of the result of the graphs or explain what the graph mean.

Provide your workings please

Use importwarm and importcomputer and gender to make the graphs


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