Organisational Behavior

Coursework Brief:
Despite continuing interest in firms’ earnings announcements by capital market participants, several accounting and
finance studies have found that, while statistically significant, firms’ earnings announcements are associated with
“modest but not overwhelming amount of incremental information to the market” (Ball and Shivakumar, 2008, p. 975).
In other words, firms’ earnings announcements, overall, provide modest to low information content to the capital market
(e.g., Ball and Brown, 1968; Lev, 1989; Ball and Shivakumar, 2008, and Beaver, McNichols and Wang, 2018).
Essay Requirements:
Search and review the evidence from existing accounting and finance research studies to reconcile the apparent
inconsistence in the above statements (i.e., “capital markets participants continuing interest in firms’ earnings
announcements” but at the same time empirical evidence showing that “firms’ earnings announcements provide modest
to low information content to the capital market”). Reconcile this inconsistence by assessing the arguments for and
against financial reports being an important source of new information to the capital market.
In addressing the above essay requirement, you should use the existing knowledge on perspectives/approaches to
financial reporting and decision usefulness, and theoretical and empirical studies on earnings announcement and
information content in the capital market. Support your essay with in-text citations of at least fifteen (15) published
research studies [including Ball and Brown (1968); Lev (1989); Ball and Shivakumar (2008); and Beaver, McNichols and
Wang (2018)].

Your team will identify and investigate an ongoing Asian business challenge that you are curious and
passionate about. Creatively and comprehensively apply knowledge from this course, and provide a plausible
account of what (happened, description), why (it happened, i.e., analysis), and how (the situation can be
improved, i.e., action plans).
Here are some examples:
1. How can Singapore government foster a culture that supports and celebrate lifelong learning?
2. What can Singaporean public companies do to increase gender diversity in boards?
3. How can organizations in Singapore redesign jobs for aging employees?


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