Theological Analysis – Songs

Worship Song: “Oh Lord My God” Written by Stuart K. Hine  O Lord my God! when I in awesome wonder Consider all the works Thy

Journal Reflection

Journal Reflection Project: Workshop on the responsibility of the church to those affected by HIV&AIDS: 23rd September 2017 Kenya is one of the African countries

Biblical Teachings on Animal Rights

Biblical Teachings on Animal Rights Issues and concerns on better treatment of animals, refraining from destructive habits directed towards animals and showing compassion have evolved

Lessons from Apple Inc.

Executive Summary Since its incorporation in 1976, Apple has sought to redefine how we use technology and do business. Apple has redefined the rules of

Fallacy Hunt

Spoken Fallacies: Ad hominem – tu quoque Date: 24th May, 2013 What Happened It was Friday evening, and my cousin that is staying with me

Reflection on Workplace Portfolio

Reflection on Workplace Portfolio Over the duration of this course, I have seen significant growth in my ministry work. I have learnt numerous lessons in

Amos 5 – Exegesis

Amos 5 Introduction The book of Amos begins with God calling him from his daily activities of herdsman and arborist.  God had a particular task



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