Phenotypic Plasticity

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1. Consider the following statement:
Squirrels prefer sunflower seeds over acorns.

Is the above statement a valid hypothesis?
If you think yes, describe how you would test this hypothesis. If you think no, explain why you think it is not a valid hypothesis.

2. Why was it important to measure multiple leaves in each group? (In other words, why have replicates?) Why not just measure one leaf in the high-light group, one leaf in the low-light group, and then compare their widths to determine whether different levels of sunlight exposure affect leaf width?

3. Why was it important to choose leaves randomly?

4. Some of you may have obtained a large difference in mean widths between your two plant groups, while some of you may have obtained only a small difference. Whichever it is, do you think that there is enough of a
difference between your means to be able to confidently conclude that light affects leaf width? Explain in one or two sentences.


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