1. Do an internet search to find examples of Physics in Our Daily Lives. 2. Pick one (1) article and read it. 3. To Turn In: Write a brief summary of the article you chose. Identify the URL, the areas of that were discussed, and how it applies to our daily lives. then… 1. Identify two (2) additional supporting subtopics to the article you found in Assignment #2. 2. To Turn In: Develop an outline of the research conducted. (No more than one page. You will use this as a starting point to writing the report described below.) 3. To Turn In: Write a report using the information you gathered, both in Assignment #2 and the two points above. The report should describe in greater detail than Assignment #2: the subject matter of the articles; the subtopics of addressed; and how the particular subtopics may impact or have already impacted society.


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