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 Unit 3 Individual ProjectDeliverable Length:10–12 slidesDetails:

You have been asked to help new students out with the many new and exciting issues surrounding online education at AIU. For example, the Virtual Campus has many exciting and important features to enhance a new students learning experience. This includes instant messaging, Live Chat, Discussion Boards, e-mail, and announcements.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students the vital walk-through that represents these activities. Not only should you describe them; you should also explain when and why you might use each one of these items in the virtual classroom environment. Indicate to the new schoolmates the advantages of each of these and a recommendation for how often you might check or use each of these features.

The following are the sections for this project:

  • Announcements
  • Instant messaging and e-mails
  • Live Chat
  • Discussion Boards

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the minimum slides listed below:

  • Slide 1 is the cover slide with just your name and class, including section number.
  • Slides 2 – 3 covers Announcements
  • Slides 4 – 5 covers Instant Messaging and e-mails
  • Slides 6 – 7 covers Live Chat
  • Slides 8 – 9 covers Discussions Boards
  • Slide 10 is the reference slide where you will post your references. Your references can be from the AIU website or from outside resources. You need at least ONE reference and possibly more. Refer to the AIU APA guide to review the proper way to reference a web site for a presentation.  

Use each of the following features at least once in your presentation:

  • Clip art
  • A media clip (animated graphic, movie, or sound clip)
  • A Transition to this slide effect from the Transition tab

Save this file as your “First initial Last name PowerPoint IP3”. Example: J Doe PowerPoint IP3.

This PowerPoint should then be submitted to your Week three Individual Project area.

For more information on creating PowerPoint presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab.

Please submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric: Click here for the grading rubric for this assignment.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Unit Materials

Unit 3 Course Materials

Points Possible:125Date Due:Sunday, Mar 03, 2013Objective:

  • Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course
  • Apply problem-solving skills to the use of a computer
  • Prepare a presentation using presentation software
  • Use presentation software to deliver a presentation

Submitted Files:Submit AssignmentScore:N/AInstructor Comments:

Notes pages (speaker notes) are required for every slide of your presentation.[removed]

In the online environment, notes pages (speaker notes)  basically serve as your voice to the viewer of your presentation. Remember, there is not a crowded room of students present to hang on your every word. Your slides can only communicate so much in the online environment or in a classroom setting.

To create notes pages (speaker notes), complete the following steps:

1. Open Power Point Presentation

2. You will note that the screen first opens in what is known as “normal view”

3. There is a section located right beneath the slide area that reads “click to add notes.” This is where you will add your speaker notes.

Key things to remember about notes pages (speaker notes):

1. They should not restate the contents of the slide.

2. Notes pages (speaker notes) should support the content of the slide with in-depth information.

3. Keep them interesting.

Hopefully you are now ready to make use of notes pages (speaker notes) in Power Point.



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