Problem Solving and Modelling Task

Keno is a gambling game that is played throughout Australia. In the current version of the rules, 20 numbers are
randomly selected between 1 and 80 (inclusive). A player bets by choosing a combination of up to 10 numbers. If
half or more of these numbers are among the 20 chosen, the player wins. They win an increasingly large prize
the more of their numbers are selected.
Your task is to set the prizes for a new version of the game. In this new version the amount of numbers drawn
and the total amount of numbers are attached (unique to each student). Players will still select anywhere from 1-
10 numbers. You must include a justification for your chosen prizes with reference to both the probabilities of
these outcomes and the desired profit for the company. For reference, the prize allocations and odds for the
current game (20 chosen from 80 options) are included.


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