Project Two Microeconomics Much Discussion Has Taken Place Lately Concerning Precipitous Fin

Project Two for Microeconomics Much discussion has taken place lately concerning the precipitous financial cliff that the U. S. Economy seems to be headed towards.. (This is more commonly referred to as the FISCAL CLIFF.) Congress is trying to reach an agreement before December 31st to avoid possible financial chaos. Some of the many implications that this crisis will have on the United States, as well as globally, centers on: Consumer confidence, unemployment, Proposed business mergers New business startups The news media has a glut of information on these topics and many others as well as consequences that may befall the economy in 2013 and the years following. Choose one of the topics listed above or another one of your own choosing as long as it pertains to a topic we have discussed in class. (Hint: Think Monopoly, Oligopoly, Financial Markets, Demand and Supply, competition, etc.). After you have selected a topic, research current information on it from resources such as: USA Today; Wall Street Journal; the Boston Globe; the Economist magazine, Time magazine, Newsweek magazine, and internet sources of good reputation!! Select any two of these references that contains information on your topic. Read what they say about your topic and then write a one page summary, in your own words, of what that periodical or resource reports. Do not copy word for word. You will do this for each of the two sources of information on the same topic. The report should contain the following format: Page One. Your name The name of the two information sources; e.g Time Magazine,; the Boston Globe, USA Today, Wall Street Journal. Include the date of the publication. A photo copy of the first paragraph of each of the two articles. Do not copy the whole article. Be sure to include the name of the author and the title of the information. Page Two: A two paragraph summary of the first source. Please type and double-space. Each paragraph should contain four to six sentences. At the top write the name of your source. Page Three: A two paragraph summary of the second source. Be sure to include the name of it. Please try to limit the project to three pages. This report will be due on the day of the final exam: Thursday, December 20th @ 8:00 a.m. No emails will be accepted


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