Psychology 9

Expand Your Creative Potential

The applied arts department of your company has been struggling to develop new and interesting products over the last quarter. Many of the employees feel that they have exhausted their creative potential and, as a result, feel “burned out.” The division manager believes that the employees just need a couple of days off and an inspirational/motivational presentation on creativity to get them back on track. Your boss has placed you in charge of this effort.

Specifically, you have been asked to create an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation on creativity, and the CEO of the company wants your presentation to be, well, “creative.” In your presentation:  

•                Provide a basic definition of creativity.

•                Describe the important characteristics of a creative idea or a product.

•                Explain the steps or processes that help people become more creative. 

•                Explain what, in your opinion, the steps or processes are that interfere with creativity. This information should be presented across 2–3 slides and include a more detailed narrative (about 150–200 words per slide). 

Also, refer to the following Web sites:

•                Youtube

•                Flickr

You can download a free movie or picture from these Web sites and critique it.

Select examples for what you think are two creative videos/pictures and one unoriginal video/picture.
Write a report that:

•                Explains the aspects of the videos/pictures that meet the definition of creative vs. unoriginal.

Each explanation should be approximately one paragraph in length. Include the URL for each movie.



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