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1. What is fraternal polyandry (1 pt)?

2. In which (or who’s) residence do the spouses live after marriage (1 pt)?

3. Considering the paternity and role of fatherhood that exists for the children of this type of marriage, explain which kinship classification system do you think is most representative of the family arrangement? (1 pt)?

4. Explain how this kinship inheritance system is similar to primogeniture in 19th century England (1 pt)?

5. What is corvee labor? (1 pts)?

6. How does Dorje’s bride feel about faternal polyandry? What potential benefit does she say? (1 pt)

Two reasons have commonly been offered for the perpetuation of fraternal polyandry in Tibet. What is the economic/inheritance rationale? Recall two explanations given that the article argues are false and two alternative explanations that the article argues are true (1 pt each = 4 pts total)
False Explanations
True Explanations

Goldstein_When Brothers Share A Wife.pdf


Arranged marriage, love marriage, cousin marriage, endogamy, exogamy, there are many different ways cultures have regulated marriage

Which economic factors affect (or affected) your decision to get married? (economic means material, or practical, not religious)

Investigate a different marriage system (from lecture or your own research) from the type you are familiar with, or want for yourself, and explain what you think could be the benefit(s) of that system .


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