Reaction Paper Essay 4 Doubled Spaced Typed Pages Reacting Outcome Any Court

The Reaction Paper. This is an essay of 4 doubled spaced typed pages reacting to the outcome of any court trial case within the USA. This is your paper; a personal reaction to something, that is, what you think about it. This is not a research paper, though you may do some research on your topic if you wish. I do not want you simply to take an area of law or topic, such as the law of contract or the CISG and explain it to me. I know what it is; you will receive no credit for such a paper. You must proof read your work. I want it in proper English. If you are unsure of your grammar etc., have someone proof read it also. This is a graduate level paper. This is not a research paper. If you have trouble, please see the instructor. NOTE: THE REACTION PAPER MUST BE 4 PAGES IN LENGTH (Times New Roman font #12 double spaced), NO MORE AND NO LESS. IF IT IS EITHER MORE OR LESS THAN 4 PAGES, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. Your reaction can be drawn from personal experience, personal opinion, more detached reflection on the topic, or from further research or reading on the topic. You are free to be somewhat creative in your reaction to the subject, but the essay should have a thesis, be well-argued, and well-written. You certainly must consider and account for facts and arguments that do not support your thesis, as well as those that do. Write in Standard English, with no misspelled words and no major grammatical errors. It should be doubled spaced. Only papers that fulfill these objectives will receive good grades.


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