– Reflection summary 4pages

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Assignment Submission- Reflection summary 4pages

Criteria for written work and assignments:

All written assignments should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font. Please double-space. It is not necessary to go over the required number of pages for each assignment. It is important that you proofread your work, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Written assignments with spelling errors can compromise your grade.


Reflection Summary:

It should be no less than 4 and no more than 6 pages,. This is your chance to write and reflect on, and to think deeply about, what aspect of this course has struck you as being most meaningful and significant. As you go throughout the course, you may note your thoughts and ideas. Please note this is not a summary of the course material but rather a critical analysis and discussion of your thoughts and ideas as they relate to Indigenous Education. For this assignment you must research and use two academic sources written by Indigenous scholars in the field of Education. You may use the following as a guide to inform your work. What was significant to you and why? What are some of the aspects you have learnt and what are the implications in the context of Indigenous Education? Please be sure to support your ideas, thoughts and expressions with specific examples. You will be graded as follows:

Paper guideline and component


Introduction to topic and relevance to Indigenous Education


Your discussion, critical insights analysis (what aspect of the course material was significant to you and why?

What are some of the main themes you have learnt throughout the course?

What may be some of the implications in the context of Indigenous Education

Remember to support your ideas with specific examples drawing on at least two sources written by Indigenous scholars i.e. First Nations, Metis and or Inuit)


Conclusion, communication , organization (summing up your main points and concluding your paper)

(organization of paper, free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes)


Total grade for assignment



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