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Topic 1: Socialization techniques

Family is one of the major parts of socializing a child. When a child is born they are placed into society and into a community. As they grow up the child is placed into school/child care. While in school they are socialized by many, including teachers and fellow classmates. Classmates are the child peer group because they’re roughly around the same age and have some common internets. A peer group helps a child see different perspectives author than there own family’s point of view. Another agent of socialization is mass media. The mass media includes books, radio, magazines, television, and many more means of technology. Mass media provides information in an impersonal way. With media, children internalize without the knowledge of doing so and turn it into something meaningful which may be positive or negative.

There are some operant methods of socialization as well. Operant methods have a cause and effect. whether a child is being good or bad, reinforcement is put into place. there is positive reinforcement which provides a reward given for desired behavior. then there is negative reinforcement which is stopping a punishment for the desired response. Following reinforcement, feedback is given to the child. Allowing them to understand positive and negative behavior. Feedback helps the child understand what right or wrong action they have done and how to improve themselves. (Berns, 2016)

Topic 2: Pinocchio and Gepetto

In the movie Pinocchio, there is an old man named Geppetto. He created a puppet and named him Pinocchio. He wishes on a star for his creation to come alive. While he sleeps a blue fairy appears to grant his wish and gives Pinocchio the gift of life. As the puppet turns into a living creature the blue fairy explains to him that if he is to turn into a real boy he needs to learn right from wrong, to be selfless and caring of others. once he fulfills these actions she will turn him into a real boy forever. At this moment the blue fairy is representing a parent figure.

After this encounter, an insect jumps in around them named Jiminy cricket. He overheard their conversation and offered to be Pinocchio’s conscience. He lets him know right from wrong and provides advice to him. His actions act as a teacher in Pinocchio’s life as he tries to guide him in the right direction.

As Pinocchio starts to learn new things, his father tells him he will be attending school. Gepetto is another character who represents a parent figure for Pinocchio. Pinocchio learns to call him father.

Pinocchio runs into two foxes who stop him on his way to school. Honest Jhon is one of the foxes and convinces Pinocchio to join them on their way to becoming famous instead of being a good boy and going to school. The two foxes are part of the community that will affect Pinocchio. After this encounter, he is set right by the blue fairy. He then obeys her orders and heads home to his father. On his way home he was stopped again by the same foxes. Pinocchio was more hesitant this time but the foxes were very persuasive. They talked all about a place where you can do anything you wanted which was called pleasure island. Pinocchio decides to join them on their way to the island. On the way to the island, he meets a boy named lamp wick. Lamp wick is a big part of his peer group because he is around the same age as Pinocchio. Lamp wick teaches him being bad is lots of fun. Pinocchio then starts to drink and smoke with his new friend.

Once he realizes the consequences of being bad he changes his mind and wants to go home. When he gets there he finds out his father has been swallowed by a whale. He sets off to find him. Once he does they escape the whale and Pinocchio has to sacrifice himself to save his father. In the end, the blue fairy keeps her word and turns him into a real boy for being honest and selfless.

Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community Socialization and Support (10th ed.).


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