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1. List at least two (2) similarities and at least two (2) differences between linear equations and linear inequalities.

– Describe a situation that can be best modeled by an inequality statement and one that can be best modeled by an equation.

– Think about the different ways in which linear relationships (equations and inequalities) are represented. What struggles do you have shifting between the different representations? Which representation(s) are more meaningful to you? What are the benefits of using multiple representations?

2. For this discussion board you will have to search for your dream house, calculate the down payment, and the monthly payments for a 30 and 15 years fixed loan. You will use the loan payment formula to determine your monthly payments for a 30-year fixed loan with an APR of 3.75% and for a 15-years fix loan with an APR of 2.97% with a down payment of 5%. You will make a decision on which loan you would take and provide reasons for your choice based on comparing the monthly payment amounts and the total interest paid amounts.

There are many websites available to find property listings or you can ,

Due date: Grade: 15 points

  • 2 points- property value with address
  • 5 points – down payment amount and the value of the loan
  • 5 points – monthly payments for 30 and 15 years
  • 3 points – conclusion

3. Knowing that:

Conditional Statement p –> q (If p, then q)

Converse q –> p (If q, then p)

Inverse ~p –> ~q (If not p, then not q)

Contrapositive ~q –> ~p (If not q, then not p)

Select a problem/statement from the ones listed below that hasn’t been discussed and answer the following questions:

1. Write the problem as conditional statement (if is not under this form)

2. Write the converse

3. Write the inverse

4. Write the contrapositive statement

5. Respond to at least two other classmates on their result and make the necessary adjustment for valid statements.

The statements are:

1. If beauty were a minute, then you would be an hour.

2. If you lead, then I will follow.

3. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

4. If I had a nickel for each time that happened, I will be rich.

5. if you build it, he will come

6. Where is smoke, there is fire

7. If eagles can fly, then eagles are fish

8. If Honk Kong is in China, then Tokyo is in Japan

9. If 7+5=12, then America has a queen

10. When I am hungry, I eat


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