SMART: Problem Solving for Complex System

Assignment 2 – Individual Report Dynamic Model
Using system dynamics software construct the model associated with the case
provided and use the model to analyse its behaviour.
Your task: Write a report (2250 words excluding tables, figures and
appendices) in which you critically reflect on your system dynamics model
and its use to analyse the case system. The report should include analysis of
the system’s behaviour in a number of alternative scenarios—each students
will define them based on defining a different value to specific parameters in
the model, e.g. product’s price, suppliers response time, Net Present Value
(NPV) discount rate—in order to provide answers to the questions set in the
case study.
The report should contain:
• Results from the initial scenario (current state of operations)
• The answer to which of the company’s options:
o a) Produce Monday to Sunday,
o b) Have a second shift c
o c) Outsourcing
is the best course of action.
• The tables and graph produced by the software in order to support the


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