Spherical Structure Near Center Cell 0

The difference between Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells is Eukaryotic cells have a(n) _____.

One of the major functions of the nucleus is ____storage.

The internal skeleton of the cell is called the ______.

Once ribosomes are assembled in the nucleolus, they are transported into the_______through pores in the _______


Bacteria and archaebacteria are _______.

The DNA is sometimes referred to as the _________ of the cell.

Large protein molecules called ______ move throughout the cytoplasm regulating reactions, producing energy , and using raw materials.

The double-layered membrane that surrounds the nucleus is the _________.

Working closely with the DNA of the cell are three forms of ________ the __________, the ________, and the ______.

 The cytoskeleton is made up of hundred or thousands of _________.

The cytoskeleton serves as a system of ________ for vesicles to move on.


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