Statistics 8

Eleven employees were put under the care of the company nurse because of high cholesterol readings. The nurse lectured them on the dangers of this condition and put them on a new diet. Shown are the cholesterol readings of the 11 employees both before the new diet and one month after use of the diet began. At 5% level of significance, test the claim that the new diet is effective in lowering cholesterol. Assume differences in cholesterol readings are normally distributed in the population.


Employee             Before                       After

1                             255                            197

2                             230                             225

3                             290                             215

4                             242                             215

5                             300                             240

6                              250                            235

7                             215                             190

8                              230                             240

9                              225                             200

10                            219                             203

11                            236                              223 



– Draw graphs and charts when appropriate and necessary to demonstrate your reasoning! Label all graphs and charts!
– Display formulas. Write complete sentences to summarize your conclusions.
– If use any table values, clearly state which tables you used (e.g. Table A-2, etc.).
-Attach excel output when appropriate or necessary (e.g. a scatterplot, etc.)

Your work for all statistical hypothesis testing questions should include the following:
1. Established Ho and Ha.
2. Summary statistics (either computed or given in the problem)
3. The name of the test (e.g. 2sampleTtest or T-test about correlation, etc.)
4. A formula to compute a test statistic (e.g. 1Prop-Z test statistic, etc.)
5. A p-value of the test and/or a critical value from a statistical table.
6. Clearly state the decision rule you use the reach a conclusion. (You may have to sketch a graph to show rejection regions.) Do you “Reject Ho” or do you “Fail to Reject Ho”?
7. State your conclusion in plain language. Use complete sentences.







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