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  1. According to Brinkmann et al. (2010) is there any evidence of business planning being useful for entrepreneurs? How should the plans of entrepreneurs differ from that of small business owners?
  2. Why is the executive summary of a business plan important and what should it communicate?
  3. Create one diagram that you could include in your plan. This could be for any section of the plan.
  4. From the perspective of being an advisor, why might benchmarking business plans be a useful service for your clients?
  5. What sort of benchmarking report would add most value (in terms of both content and presentation)?
  6. According to Raskin (2016) what are the five elements of a great sales pitch?
  7. What are some options for dealing with rejection? Briefly note a time that you have successfully overcome rejection in the past. What strategy did you employ, and how might you apply this strategy to overcome rejection in the business world?

All the work must be original

Turnitin report is required


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