The Business Context in Emerging Economies

The Task

You are required to choose a real-world company which is EITHER (1) planning to enter an emerging economy OR (2) has entered an emerging economy in the last 10 years.

Your report needs to present your analysis and recommendations with respect to the following aspects –

  • Analyse the company that you have chosen using the SWOT tool. Focus on the SWOT from an internationalisation perspective. What ‘ownership’ advantages does the company have? Does the company have prior international experience?; What are its recent successes and failures in international markets?
  • Analyse in what ways your chosen emerging-market-host-country is attractive for the company over the future long term. Use economic indicators to justify this. Is the emerging-market-host-country attractive as a ‘market’ (to sell products)?, or as a ‘production site’ (to conduct manufacturing)? or in both ways? – this would depend on the choice of your company. The applicability of your analysis to the company (and hence, the economic indicators you present) is very important.
  • Analyse the ‘nonmarket’ environment of the emerging-market-host-country. What risks (if any) can the company face? Will there be any political risks? What ethical / environmental issues (e.g. corruption, labour, pollution issues etc.) would be applicable to the company? Please note that the risks and issues that you point out must be applicable to the company you choose.   
  • Based on your analysis, provide recommendations to your ‘company’:
    • If your chosen company has not yet entered the emerging market (but has announced a potential entry), your recommendations must include (but not limited to) entry strategy (including entry mode, location and timing), management of relationships with the host government, consideration of ethics and CSR, localization of products or management practices etc. OR
    • If your chosen company has already entered the emerging host country, reflect on the performance of the company in the emerging market so far, and suggest further recommendations accordingly. Provide short, medium and long term recommendations. 


Important guidelines

  • Please note that this has to be a real-world case. That is, your chosen company should be really planning to enter an emerging market country, or must have entered in the last 10 years. You must provide some evidence of this e.g. an article in a reliable newspaper (published in English).
  • Use the theoretical frameworks from the teaching materials to inform your recommendations.
  • You cannot use companies that were used as CASES in the workshops. 
  • The 1000 words for the report are for the main part of the report. The reference list and any appendices are not included in the word limit. 
  • You can include an Appendix section to show your analysis based on the analytical tools (e.g. SWOT). You can make a reference to your appendices in the main part of the report. Likewise if you use any charts, graphs etc. to show your analysis of the emerging economy, put them in the appendix so that they do not account for the words in your report


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