The Geography of (a region)

Objective: To write a concise geography of a defined region focusing on the five principal

themes of geography.
A region will be randomly assigned to each student. The student will then endeavour to describe and
explain the geography of the region bearing in mind five themes that are often used to define geography. These

are: 1) location, 2) place (including scale aspects), 3) movement (including time elements), 4) human-
environment interactions, and 5) regions (or sub-regions). An equal depth of analysis for each theme might not

be applicable for all regions assigned. However, some consideration of all themes should be present in the
Research for this assignment is left up to the student but it is expected that a variety of book, periodical,
map, atlas and, most likely, internet resources be brought to bear. Some immediate preliminary work is
necessary for your successful completion of this — the associated “Annotated Bibliography” task should
aid this as will your Google Earth Journal. The instructor is available for assistance if you have difficulty in
obtaining a reasonable amount of research material.
Please note that this is to be a geography and not a travelogue. The goal is to be accurate and factual.
Be mindful of potential biases in the sources from which you draw your information – these are rife, especially
online. Be critical!
It is expected that the final product would take an essay form and be properly referenced for all sources
of information. It is suggested that the text of the essay be no shorter than 5 double-spaced, word processed
pages long but not longer than 7 (exclusive of figures, direct quotes, titling, and Reference List). Your results
will be graded on adherence to the objective (20%), “presentation” – this includes the logical flow and “look
and feel” of the paper (and originality!) (35%), thoroughness of research (including proper citations) (30%),
and mechanics (15%). Maps, figures, or tables are likely essential to your presentation, but they must be
germane and captioned (cut and pasted versions of such are acceptable if neatly presented and appropriate credit
is given to the source). Citation of the sources of information presented MUST be comprehensive — that
is, within the body of the paper, where the information is used. Direct quotes are usually used sparingly!
A hard copy of your work is expected to be submitted. A list of sources of information and of literature
cited MUST accompany your final presentation.


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