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You are required to write a 2,500 word reflective and reflexive essay on your intercultural and professional development during the time you have studied at the University. This essay describes your experience. You are expected to tell your personal story. You should make specific reference to the content, materials, and models which you are introduced to in the lectures; the seminar discussions you have engaged with; your subject modules; and your independent group work collaboration. 

  • to evidence your intercultural development, you are required to select 3 of the models which are introduced in the lectures and write both reflectively and reflexively on how you have applied these models to facilitate your intercultural development providing examples from your intercultural experiences. 

to evidence your professional development you are required to examine how your future professional career or role will be enhanced by the understanding, skills and strategies developed on this module and write reflectively and reflexively about your experience of your course and subject modules, and the discussion questions you had in seminars. You must include clear self-development planning in terms of your future career goals. A final section of approximately 250 words focusing on your independent group work collaboration is also required.


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