this course is about culture, language, and performance romance

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Resistance Essay- In place of the final engagement activity report, you will complete a 5-page final paper in which you apply concepts, theories, methods of analysis, and topic areas explored in the course. This essay must center on a specific cultural practice (staged performance, film, visual art piece, protest, speech, everyday life ritual, etc.) that is explicitly engaging in the politics of resistance (challenging a power dynamic or structure). You will want to employ an intersectional approach to your topic, and unearth interesting insights with regards to performance, culture, and language. This 5-page essay will be evaluated using the criteria for written work outlined in the syllabus.

Resistance essay should:

  • Consist of 5 full pages
  • Be prepared in the most current MLA format
  • Include a Works Cited prepared in correct MLA format on the 6th page of the document
  • Be prepared using double spaced pages, with no extra space between paragraphs
  • Be set to 1-inch page margins, 12pt font (Arial, Cambria, or Times New Roman preferred)
  • Include at least five relevant, timely, and scholarly essays or articles NOT required for the course. (You may use course materials and periodicals as needed but these do not count toward your 5 required resources.) All reference material should appear appropriately cited in text and as Works Cited entries on page 6 of your document.


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