Type 1 Page Relationship Between Eq Stress And Burnout Organizational Communication


Please read the presentation above and type 1 page on the relationship between  EQ, stress, and burnout. in Organizational Communication

Below is some of the context from our textbook.

Emotional intelligence:
    – this concept suggest that there are some people who are naturally better at understanding and managing the emotional  
      content of workplace relationships and that emotional intelligence is also a skill that can be developed through training.
    – involves both a clear understanding of the emotional needs of the situation and the self-awareness and self-control
      necessary for using the right emotional display to cope with the situation.

High EQ: have a clear understanding of the rules of emotional display and an ability to follow and adapt those rules as necessary.

   – Which can lead to negative psychological, physiological, and organizational outcomes.
   – referring to “wearing out” from the pressures of work.




Environmental factors that are difficult for an individual to deal with:

Workload, role conflict, life events, home/work conflict

Strain that results from ongoing stressors:

Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, decreased personal accomplishment

Physiological, attitudinal, and organizational results of burnout:

Coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, low job satisfaction, less commitment turnover

    – create a strain on the individual


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