Use Chapter 10 Conceptualizing Intelligence Answer These Questions Additional Material Can B

Use Chapter 10, Conceptualizing Intelligence, to answer these questions. Additional material can be gathered from the Internet or library. 1.Before looking in the book, define what intelligence means to you. (5 pts) 2.List Gardner’s eight forms of intelligence. After each form of intelligence, write a famous person that exemplifies this form of intelligence. Kobe Bryant for bodily-kinesthetic (do not use). (8 pts) 3.Tyler just got his IQ score of 95 back. He feels that this makes him the top of the class, until Joe received a score of 135. (4 pts) a.Explain what an IQ score is. b.Is Tyler’s IQ of 95 good or not? Explain. c.How Joe would be classified with a score of 135. d.Predict how successful Tyler is likely to be in the rest of his life. Explain why. 4.Find a well-known person that is considered creative. (3 pts) a.Who is this person? b.What are they known for? c.Why do you consider them creative? 5.Go to the library or Internet and look up an article from a popular magazine (e.g. Parent Magazine, Time, Newsweek, etc.) that focuses on intelligence. (5 pts) a.Briefly summarize the article and how it relates to some of the content from Chapter 7 (no more than 1 page).


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