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From an organizational perspective what are choices that negotiators can proactively make to manage the perceptions of rationality and fairness?

Further Instructions

Students must introduce the main topic “Distributive and Integrative Bargaining” (types of perceptions on rationality and fairness in bargaining).

Students must include research from the readings and at least two (2) journal articles. Do not use internet articles

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raxit-An individual can proactively manage the perceptions of rationality and fairness during the negotiation process by revising their own stand. This act can enable one to have a different perception of rationality and fairness and questioning it; hence an individual can manage to proactively your views. The action of challenging your own understanding or views can result in a dialogue within us, which can assist us in exploring personal stand or view on the same issue. Most of the negotiators employ a certain momentous performs to negotiate well in every situation. The individual must evaluate the constraints of the opposition and the cost of ending the engagement (Miettinen, Ropponen, & Sääskilahti, 2020)

Another factor is the external aid; individuals are always around us, and thus seeking help from them can be of advantage to you since they might have enough knowledge and experience. This can assist in shaping individual perceptions and stand. Individuals usually have diverse benchmarks set, and thus, this can act as a reference point for a person to establish and create their stands. External help thus can serve as a vital tool to have a diverse and holistic picture on the stands as one is able is harmonize the numerous ideas from the well-experienced personnel (Gelfand, Higgins, Nishii, Raver, & Dominquez, 2002). The process of rationality and fairness must be upheld in our society to ensure the moral method of executing activities and hence trust among the parties. Thus as individual one ought to be aware of the affinity for persons to outlook the globe in a way which is self-serving. The person must also define the rational action to perform in a way which beneficial to the parties. Hence, as a negotiator, one ought to perform these critical actions which can greatly assist them to manage the perceptions; such as individuals must question their own opinion on fairness grounded on the standards, and location of external benchmark which tend to establish fair result. As highlighted by Lewicki and Barcellos, (2010), fairness must be uphold by the involved parties in the negotiation process to enable suitable agreement outcome (Lewicki, & Barcellos, 2010).


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