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I don’t understand this Statistics question and need help to study.

Respond to your peers discussion answer in minimum 175 words.

The differences in the two types of predictions are as follows: simple linear regression used by the Tasty Sub Shop is a method that focuses on the correlation between a dependent and one independent variable, or in other terms, two quantitative variables. Using this method to predict yearly revenue wouldn’t produce a truly accurate prediction as not enough information is provided to determine the profitability of the potential restaurant site. On the other hand, in the QHIC case, because they want to predict the home upkeep expenditure on the basis of home value, the linear regression can also be used to reach this prediction.

Although I seemed to reach a similar conclusion to others, I still am not 100% how different these two scenarios are. Is the linear aggression more useful in one case as opposed to the other? But I find it interesting and informative to read views on the question and understandings of simple linear regressions. It has sparked more of an interest for me on this topic and hopefully understand further, myself.


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