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Attached are 2 PowerPoint slides (10 slides total) giving a quick overview on what it means to have cultural communication (CQ) awareness.  Please read them quickly to better understand the assignment.


The purpose of this assignment is for you to report on your learning about cultural communication and nonverbal communication. Your boss wants to know because she elected to spend money on this professional training experience for you.

Weekly Reflection: Based on your writing, reflect on what do you need to DO to be more culturally educated (which is more audience-centered?)

Task:  You are to write a 200 word memo to your boss in response to her email (see below) in memo format

It is not an academic regurgitation!  It is a reflection.  The question you are answering is ‘what has changed your thinking and how will you use it.”  Additionally, while this work is part of your participation grade, it is also a vehicle for me to give you writing feedback in order for you to learn to write better.    It is to be attractive on the page as well.

Please follow these guidelines:

Upload this as a word document only. Have an introduction, body, conclusion. At minimum you are to have three beautifully-written content rich paragraphs. Intro – introduce your thesis, explain your thesis in your body, and offer your final thoughts in your conclusion. Paragraph lengths should therefore vary accordingly. Avoid fluffs.


Business writing is about content AND delivery decisions.  Again, make it attractive.  Be sure you have at minimum of three paragraphs.  A well thought out introduction, a body with content information and a conclusion.


Introduction includes: (1) purpose/thesis, (2) hook (attention getting statement which can also be the purpose/thesis statement), (3) scope (the preview of what you will talk about, and perhaps (4) why (detail the why you are writing – could link to purpose). Keep this para short and brief!

Body is the content.  (Most students when they think of writing they focus on content.  That is a part of writing, it’s not the whole event.)

Conclusion, in business, is mostly about goodwill.  Think of it as where to create the lasting impression. 


In a memo format, it is most often a simple offer of further contact.  For example,  ‘If you have questions, you may reach me at [email protected] or at 336.333.3333.”

Here is the Email from your boss. You are responding to this email:

Hi (YourName),
Hope your trip is going well.

How is the training going?  Given what you are learning, how will you apply this information and make your team contributions and your team leadership better?

I look forward to your advancements in your team on the project.  In the meantime, enjoy Texas.

Ms. Jessica Morgan
Morgan & Morgan Company


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