Write a synthesis of the articles. The synthesis will be 1000-1400 words.

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1) Imagine you are professor-for-a-day for this class, and you are helping students prepare for their second writing assignment. The second assignment requires students to apply a basic collegiate writing skill, synthesis writing, and produce a literature review–>gather sources, group them according to their themes or positions on a topic, and synthesize (blend the ideas in your sources together in what is called a literature review).

2) Consider the instructions the Writing Program wrote for the assignment:

Steps to Take in Completing this Assignment:

  • Locate at least seven articles on your topic. At least four articles should come from scholarly journals or credible trade journals. You should use OneSearch through UMUC’s Library and Information Services or individual databases through the library for your research.
  • Take notes, perhaps by applying the skills from your annotated bibliography exercise, on each article. <–a particularly important point to weigh
  • Write a synthesis of the articles. The synthesis will be 1000-1400 words.

In your synthesis, you will group the themes of the articles. For example, if have collected seven articles on the topic of paperless offices, you might find that three major themes emerge from your perusing of the seven articles:

o Common reasons for resisting the move to a paperless office

o Costs of transitioning to a paperless office

o Benefits of transitioning to a paperless office

3) Describe how you would teach this material to the students in the class by telling them (a) what synthesis writing is and (b) what it is not <–most important to do!

4) Explain what format or formats you would use (i.e., lecture, group activity, discussion, audio/video clip).

5) Using specific examples from the original paper you turned in for WA2–examples of the introduction, the conclusion, and one of the thematic sections in the body of the paper–demonstrate your knowledge and demonstrate how you would present the material, e.g., a lecture (text) outline, PowerPoint slides, a video (transcript or a short video clip) a group activity, a discussion topic, a podcast . . .

6) Describe how you would structure class discussion (e.g., small groups or whole class, who would lead the discussion).

7) Be sure to give APA citations for all source material used in the presentation of the lesson plan.


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