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For this Apply, consider the scene in Don Quixote where the title character shows “bravery” by fighting “giants” ­ even though they are, in reality, windmills. Think about a modern political or social issue that seems to be treated as a “giant” even though it is in fact more of a “windmill” in your opinion, or the reverse, where some people claim it is a “windmill” when in fact we should treat it as a “giant.” Some examples might include the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, or gun control.

Imagine you are writing a full argumentative essay about this controversial topic in which you choose a side and defend your position. For one of your paragraphs, you have decided to include an allusion to the classic windmill scene in Don Quixote. Write this single paragraph of your imaginary essay, using the “windmills” and “giants” as well as Don Quixote’s “bravery” to illustrate your point about the modern political debate.


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